5 Reasons You Should Choose ToolCASE

5 Reasons You Should Choose ToolCASE

The internet has revolutionized the business world. Companies have to continually evolve and adapt to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. With technological advancement, there has been a concurrent increase in fraud, privacy breaches, and identity theft. Artificial Intelligence (AI) has emerged as an effective solution to tackle these problems in such complex times.

ToolCASE is an organization whose goal is to overcome these problems with the help of advanced AI products. At ToolCASE, we develop proprietary AI-based tools such as US3, Informant, RembrandtAi, RembrandtX to make industries like healthcare, finance, and airlines function more efficiently.

Here are five reasons why ToolCASE is the right AI partner for your business.

1. We provide real-time fraud detection

There were 3.2 million cases of identity theft and fraud in 2019, of which 1.7 million were fraud-related, and about 651,000 involved identity theft. The total cost to the financial sector was about $320 million. ToolCASE’s innovative AI-based tool Informant can tackle the increasing number of fraud in the financial industry. It monitors transactions in real-time and analyzes them to detect fraud by noticing anomalies in consumer behavioral patterns.

2. Our tools facilitate real-time decision-making

Before artificial intelligence, critical business decisions were based on guesswork, experience, and historical data analysis. Our innovative tool RembrandtX facilitates real-time decision-making through advanced statistical analysis and visualization. Businesses no longer have to rely on time-consuming and complex reports to perform predictive analysis.

3. We are ready for the upcoming FedNow℠ regulations

The current banking system settles its books at the day’s end. The time gap allows authorities to detect any foul play. However, with the onset of FedNow℠ (an instant payment transfer service set up by the US federal reserve) in 2023-24, it will become  impossible to detect fraud with existing techniques. Our advanced tools like Informant and RembrandtAi enable real-time fraud identification with the help of artificial neural nets and futuristic management tools.

4. We keep your databases safe and functional

A secure and robust database is the backbone of any organization. At Toolcase, we understand the significance of protecting data, as even a minor glitch or security threat in your database can be catastrophic for your business.

US3 is an advanced tool to help you keep your databases streamlined, protected, and fully functioning at all times. Our team of application and database engineers employs US3 to provide 24X7 grievance resolution for all your database issues.

5. We cater to multiple industries

The scope of data analytics and decision-making is far and wide. All major business sectors can streamline and fasten their processes using our AI suites. For example, government agencies can use RembrandtX’s data aggregation methods to enhance their decision-making.

Manufacturing industries can use RembrandtAi to minimize their product cycle time to become more productive and efficient.

About ToolCASE

We are an IT services firm with over 20 years of experience in providing remote Oracle Database Administration, Linux/Unix System Admin, and System Storage Admin services to clients all over the United States. We offer AI-powered solutions for a wide range of industries like airlines, health, medical services, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, and shipping. You can fill our online contact form to know more.

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