An Introduction to RembrandtAi Suite

An Introduction to RembrandtAi Suite

Data is the new oil. In recent years, it has become the most valuable resource for any business. Even though the companies are prioritizing Big Data, between 60 to 73% of a company’s data is never analyzed, which can lead to unscheduled downtime, lower efficiency and productivity, quality issues, manufacturing losses, and fraudulent transactions.

RembrandtAi Suite is a transactional real-time multi-level AI-based system that offers powerful ways to access, analyze, visualize, and use data. It can find trends, patterns, and anomalies in real-time across multiple dimensions. It also uses machine learning and artificial intelligence for profiling, behavior detection, and deviation recognition. RembrandtAi packs years of AI developments into a single comprehensive, groundbreaking system.

Industries that RembrandtAi Suite can help

RembrandtAi empowers transport, healthcare, manufacturing, financial sector, and other industries to make necessary real-time decisions based on accurate data sets. The RembrandtAi can aggregate real-time transactional AI data and analytics with incredible accuracy. The following sectors stand to gain the most from RembrandtAi.

  1. Business services: Businesses can now improve their decision-making through RembrandtX Data Aggregation and RembrandtAi visualization. It can help companies lower operation and risk management costs. We offer a wide range of AI solutions for businesses, like statistical and trend analysis notifications, pattern recognition, machine-learned profile, and behavior symptoms detection.
  1. Government: RembrandtAi can help contextualize data to meet the public sector’s needs. It ensures security through full accountability, comprehensive auditing, and reporting. Extensive logging, reporting, and completely auditable functions ensure government processes’ efficiency and address budgeting challenges. It also provides the highest level of information privacy.
  1. Health and medical services: RembrandtAi supports the medicine, health insurance, financial logistics, and customer service aspects of the health industry. It uses the data aggregation feature of RembrandtX to provide integrated visualization, real-time analytics, and alerting protocols. It can expect and resolve customer queries, improve process design to speed up prior authorization, review claims, and manage membership and billing. The product also uses automated reporting and regulatory updates to deliver quality improvement and regulatory compliance.
  1. Financial services: RembrandtAi can combine and process data with variations and inconsistencies. Also, the return on investment is visible in weeks and months rather than years. The package for financial institutions includes risk and compliance management, internal audit, internal and external cybersecurity, trend and pattern analysis for transactions, and automatic consumer alerting.
  1. Manufacturing: Real-time management of every element in supply chain logistics is critical for a successful cycle of product development and fulfillment. Real-time prediction of potential issues can enable quick corrective actions. Its pattern recognition and neural net AI capabilities act as a watchful eye to monitor the manufacturing process. RembrandtAi improves plant efficiency, allocation of resources, downtime, and cost-efficiency.

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