5 ways real-Time AI Solutions Can Help IT Sector

5 Ways Real-Time AI Solutions Can Help IT Sector

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has the potential to drive the big data industry to unprecedented levels of automation, accuracy, and efficiency.

A vast amount of digital footprint—over 2.5 quintillion bytes every day—is flowing in today’s market. There is not enough time and human resources to analyze and review them. AI analyzes big data in real-time to provide quick solutions. For instance, the Internet of Things (IoT). It connects and syncs smart devices, providing a continuous stream of information and analytics.

Here are five ways AI can provide real-time solutions to the IT sector.

1. Customer support

Providing instant solutions and a satisfactory user experience is the top priority for all businesses, irrespective of their size. Companies must be available 24 x 7 to keep in touch with customers and answer their queries.

Artificial intelligence is continuously expanding, and companies are increasingly using chatbots to provide round-the-clock customer support. With bots, customer support quality has improved as they continually better their responses through machine learning. In a highly competitive world, providing efficient and quick customer service will keep companies at the forefront.

2. Online recruiting

According to SHRM, employee replacement costs can reach as high as 50%-60% of annual salary. Companies go to great lengths and spend considerable money to find the right candidate for the job. Meanwhile, qualified individuals wait for a chance to prove their skills, but they often can’t find a suitable position. Artificial intelligence and machine learning can help solve recruitment problems. They can assess a candidate’s suitability for any business with an impartial eye.

3. Minimize errors

Human errors at the workplace can cause financial losses and ruin an organization’s reputation. According to a Vanson Bourne study, it’s also considered the number one reason for manufacturing and production losses. AI and machine learning help minimize the scope and impact of human errors.

4. Proactive monitoring

IT professionals have to monitor network infrastructure, computer systems, and security risks in real-time. But they can respond to issues and threats only after the system detects them. Meanwhile, real-time monitoring with artificial intelligence ensures such problems are reported and solved quickly.

5. Fraud detection

Artificial intelligence and machine learning models have made it easier to detect fraudulent transactions and scams. Large amounts of statistical data about consumer decisions allow machines to work faster and smarter. They can assess previous buying patterns to determine whether a purchase is illicit. Fraud prevention and detection are of great significance in the IT sector. Thanks to AI and machine learning, it’s now easier, quicker, and far more effective than ever before.

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