Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Complicated or Expensive: Any Business Can Integrate These Cost Cutting Solutions

Artificial Intelligence Isn’t Complicated or Expensive:
Any Business Can Integrate These Cost Cutting Solutions

Artificial intelligence has the potential to vastly improve efficiencies, interpret and predict data patterns and cut operational costs… at any business, large or small. However, the technology hasn’t quite caught-on yet in most industries. And there’s one big reason why.

It’s expensive. But that’s about to change.

Currently, most Ai solutions are widely used by mega-cap companies that crunch bigdata, like Google, Amazon and Microsoft. They’re large companies with large engineering and development budgets. These companies have poured hundreds-of-millions of dollars, perhaps much more into their Ai.

Developing artificial intelligence solutions internally is a roadblock for most companies.

It’s why many have turned to pre-packaged solutions. But, as many soon find out, Ai is not plug-and-play.

Ai solutions purchased “off the shelf” for consumer data interpretation will not likely work for fraud detection or front office automation. Because of this, Ai must be customized specifically to integrate all industry specific needs into one solution.

Using a multitude of off-the-shelf solutions to cover all your bases means your systems are not integrated and not working efficiently. Essentially, you could be wasting more money than if you never implemented Ai in the first place.

So, unless you’ve got a development and engineering budget the size of Google, you’re out of luck. Right?

Not anymore.

ToolCASE, a company out of Denver, develops customized AI solutions for businesses at what would amount to a fraction of the cost of hiring an internal team.

Their team of developers and engineers build unique, company and industry specific AI systems for manufacturing, healthcare, insurance, banking & finance, eCommerce, oil & gas exploration and development, transportation, and governments.

The ToolCASE solutions fully integrate all systems and data sources and are scalable. They’re designed to help businesses cut operational costs, increase efficiency, detect, and prevent fraud and automate processes and time-consuming tasks.

ToolCASE does this without the enormous costs associated with internal development, yet with the quality and precision that is demanded from an internal team.

Because of its massive potential, cost-effectiveness, flexibility and scalability, AI should be implemented by enterprises across all industries, in businesses of every size. And ToolCASE has now made this possible.

With decades of experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning, ToolCASE is a global leader in customized AI.

Learn more about how ToolCASE can customize Ai for your business, HERE

Or read more about AI’s potential for all industries HERE, in the Harvard Business Journal.

Source: https://hbr.org/2021/07/ai-doesnt-have-to-be-too-complicated-or-expensive-for-your-business

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