How Redstone Federal Credit Union is Catching Fraudsters Literally Red-Handed…

How Redstone Federal Credit Union is Catching Fraudsters Literally Red-Handed…

T. Brian Smith, Manager of Security and Investigations at Redstone Federal Credit Union and Sam Piccolotti, Vice President of Business Development at ToolCASE sat down to discuss how Redstone is catching financial fraudsters in the act, live, as they’re committing crimes.

As the discussion flows, Brian and Sam share the details on what happened with one particular fraudster trying to hack into the credit union to steal customer funds. The details of this takedown are eyepopping.

What began as a talk on fraud detection and prevention techniques quickly turned into a made-for-Hollywood story of cyber criminals, local police, the FBI, and artificial intelligence.

Under the cover of darkness, ToolCASE’s artificial intelligence detected the fraudster, Redstone was alerted in real-time, and they worked in concert to take him down. In the process, the criminal was caught red-handed. And after nailing this crook, the efforts of Redstone and ToolCASE later put the feds hot on the trail of an even bigger fish.

This is a must watch for every anti-fraud team, security and investigations team and bank and credit union managers.

This clip of the video (available HERE) is only 9 minutes long, covering the most exciting parts of their revealing discussion.

Or, you can watch the entire discussion, HERE.

Source: https://www.cubroadcast.com/episodes/2653-how-redstone-federal-credit-union-is-catching-fraudsters-literally-red-handed

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