Big Data Management and Security:
Your Complete Guide to US3

Big Data Management and Security: Your Complete Guide to US3

The IT industry has grown significantly over the past decade. The US tech market is worth $1.6 trillion, and it holds about 33% of the global market share. However, the industry has a fair share of its problems including fast-paced technological changes, cybersecurity threats, and database management.

To tackle disruption and security issues in the IT sector, ToolCASE has developed an innovative tool called US3. This ingenious tool, along with our support team of database and application engineers, can take care of all your database management issues and help prevent cyberattacks and frauds.

How does US3 work?

US3 uses RembrandtAi and proprietary architecture and system analytics to realign your database to meet your business operation needs. It helps improve the productivity of your business and makes the data more secure.

How can the IT industry benefit from US3?

The US3 is designed to overcome the most common problems faced by IT industries in a cost-effective and efficient manner. It industries can avail following benefits with US3:

  • Data security

IT companies often store a lot of confidential information for their clients, like government agencies, banking and lending companies, and other data and monetary transaction institutions. Therefore, their databases are under constant threat from hackers and cybercriminals. US3, with the help of RembrandtAi, helps keep such confidential data protected against such potential threats.

  • Process automation

Backend processes and codes in IT systems are time-consuming and tedious. It can take hours for your database to process the data collected over time. US3 enables real-time data processing for your database system to help reduce batch times and optimize the workflow. It also runs data proceeding at automated schedules to remove any lag or discrepancies.

  • Server optimization

Hosting servers are essential to keep your databases functional. Therefore, it is crucial to have your servers up and running at all times. However, with the influx of continuous requests, the servers can become overloaded, unresponsive and slow down the entire operation. US3 can enhance the server uptime by optimizing the database systems using proprietary architecture and system analytics.

  • Application deployment

Many IT companies develop new software solutions for their clients. Software development is conducted in multiple stages where the software is deployed in a controlled test environment to detect any errors or bugs. US3 can help developers analyze the software during the deployment process, find issues in it, and fix them in a timely manner. US3 helps make the entire process of software development faster and more efficient.

  • 24 x 7 support

Even with the best tools, emergencies and breakdowns can happen. The in-house IT teams may not be able to resolve critical issues quickly and efficiently. A 24/7 support system that helps IT companies tackle such emergencies quickly accompanies US3. It helps minimize the damage and reduce the monetary losses that can incur if the problem prevails for a longer time.

About ToolCASE

We are an IT services firm with 20 years of experience providing remote Oracle Database Administration, Linux/Unix System Admin, and System Storage Admin to clients throughout the United States. We offer custom developed artificial intelligence solutions for real-time, fraud detection and prevention for fast-paced industries like financial services, airlines, health, medical services, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, and shipping. Our innovative AI-based tools include RembrandtAi, Informant, US3, and RembrandtX. You can fill our online contact form to know more.

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