10 Credit Card Fraud Facts That Have Consumers Fuming

10 Credit Card Fraud Facts That Have Consumers Fuming

A recent survey by Atlas VPN shows Americans are more fearful of identity theft and credit card fraud than of being burglarized.

  • Murder: 20%
  • Terrorism: 29%
  • Burglary: 43%
  • Identity Theft/Card Fraud: 67%

And who do they blame for their fears? The credit card companies!

Here’s 10 Reasons Why

10: 4.8 million identity theft and credit card fraud reports were submitted to the FTC in 2020. The resulting losses… $4.5 Billion!

9: Stolen PII cost state and federal government agencies an estimated $200-$500 billion in losses.

8: One third of the world’s credit card frauds are perpetrated on the American consumer

7: Last year, data breaches affected over 155 million Americans.

6: Credit card fraud increased by nearly 33% in 2020, with identity theft increasing 53%

5: “Card not present” fraud is one of the top forms of credit card fraud and will likely increase as even more consumers shop online.

4: The age demographic most likely to have been a victim of credit card fraud was 30- to 39-year-olds.

3: Last year, there were almost 400,000 individual cases of credit card fraud in the US.

2: Over the last 12 months, 11% of credit card users were defrauded

1: Credit card fraud victims report an average loss of $780.

Over the course of the next ten years, credit card frauds costs could reach nearly $500 billion, and may affect a majority of card holders…

Making consumer fear and anger towards card issuers even worse.

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10 Credit Card Fraud Facts That Have Consumers Fuming
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