Real-Time Fraud Prevention vs. Batch Fraud Prevention

In the digital age, fraud is complicated. Fraudsters are becoming increasingly creative with their methods of accessing sensitive information. With regulations surrounding mobile banking changing, it is more important than ever to protect your institution and your bank’s customers or credit union’s members from transactional fraud. ToolCASE fraud prevention software uses artificial intelligence technology to detect and potentially halt fraudulent transactions before funds are successfully transferred.

Real-Time Fraud Prevention vs. Batch Fraud Prevention

Traditional fraud prevention methods, including batch fraud prevention, gather and assess data for risk. Eventually, fraud teams can review this data, but at this point, the crime has already occurred. Real-time fraud prevention alerts investigators immediately so they have time to review activities before funds are successfully transferred. When it comes to mobile banking and the transfer of sensitive information over the internet, prevention is key to stopping fraudsters before they can access victims’ finances or sensitive information.

How Does Real-Time Fraud Prevention Work?

ToolCASE utilizes artificial intelligence for 24-hour surveillance and data analysis, which can stop fraud before funds are even transferred. Using real-time fraud prevention software with advanced AI means suspicious activity could be flagged as soon as it takes place, allowing fraud teams or other professionals to take immediate action.

Industries At-Risk of Fraud

It is critical for businesses in various industries to implement effective, innovative fraud prevention software to mitigate financial and informational risk.

Financial Services

ToolCASE AI software monitors a near unlimited number of data points and inputs and sources simultaneously, including but not limited to Core banking, online banking, insurance, underwriting, and loan and credit origination and p2p transfers. Our AI can combine and process this data to find inconsistencies and suspicious activity, in real time, allowing fraud teams to intervene quickly. Or it can be fully automated to hold transactions that are not within a given set of rules or parameters; this is especially important for transactions that occur when bank and credit union risk and fraud teams are not actively monitoring for fraud, such as the overnight hours.


Because the government employs such large numbers of people, and conducts vast quantities of transactions, this sector is particularly susceptible to fraud. Billing fraud, asset misappropriation, and reimbursement fraud are all typical schemes that take place in this sector of employment.

Manufacturing and Retail

The manufacturing and retail sectors often fall victim to billing and reimbursement fraud, as well as non-cash fraudulent activity. Noncash activity may include theft of goods, materials, and intellectual property. ToolCASE software can track immense amounts of data for real-time fraud prevention, even tracking inventory, shipping, procurement, and fulfillment to catch data inconsistencies that could point to fraud.

Health and Medical

The financial aspect of the healthcare industry can get complicated when it comes to billing and insurance, making this another field with a high risk for fraudulent activity. Our fraud prevention software is capable of aggregating data from various sources to improve financial processes. Accelerate prior authorization, review claims, and resolve customer inquiries quickly while preventing incidents of fraud.

Why You Need Innovative ToolCASE Software Today

By next year, the Federal Reserve has plans to implement its FedNow instant payments system that will change all banking as we know it. Deposited funds will be immediately available for withdrawal. While this is incredibly convenient for customers, it will complicate fraud prevention immensely. These new regulations make having high-quality, innovative fraud prevention software critical. Protect the financial future of your institution and your bank customers or credit union members with the strongest defense possible: ToolCASE!