• "We budgeted for 600k in losses and finished at 258k ( in the first year of implementation and use of Informant™ with RembrandAi™ )"

    SpaceCoast CU
  • "Informant is our BSA compliance solution and our examiners love it"

    Boeing Employees CU
  • "New account fraud has and will always be an issue. The INFORMANT system has helped greatly in identifying potential new account fraud though the setup of various real-time alerts, such as new account ATM and remote deposits. We are better equipped to detect, respond, and mitigate losses due to potential new account fraud thanks to INFORMANT."

    Credit Union ONE
  • "In a recent, large-scale, debit card fraud ring, Informant was able to detect 8 out of every 10 cards that were being used to commit fraud whereas other detection we used only found 2 out of 10”

  • "Overall, I have been very pleased with Informant, particularly in their customer service and support"