A Beginner’s Guide to the ToolCASE AI Suite

A Beginner’s Guide to the ToolCASE AI Suite

Artificial intelligence is transforming how we live, travel, work, purchase, and go about navigating our increasingly hi-tech lives. PwC estimates global GDP to grow 14% because of AI, adding $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030.

AI and machine learning-based solutions are drastically transforming supply chain decisions, the banking industry, and employee hiring.

At ToolCASE, we have been offering AI-based solutions for a diverse range of industries since 1992. Here, we give you a low-down on everything you need to know about the ToolCASE AI suite.

ToolCASE AI products

1. RembrandtAi

It is a transactional real-time multi-level system that offers powerful ways to access, connect, and maximize your company’s data. The solutions include visualization, statistical trend analytics, pattern, anomaly, profile, behavior detection, and deviation recognition using machine learning and artificial intelligence.

RembrandtAi is a package deal that delivers years of AI developments into a comprehensive, groundbreaking system. We understand that each company has varied data and analytics requirements. Our product ensures a tailored solution according to your business needs.

Business services: Easily switch from report-oriented management to real-time decision-making for critical situations and daily work demands.

Government: RembrandtAi offers the highest levels of security, comprehensive auditing, and reporting. Real-time transaction analytics allows quick identification of fraudulent transactions.

Health and medical services: This industry has various aspects—medicine, health insurance, financial logistics, and customer service. All these aspects are fully supported by RembrandtAi’s functionality and RembrandtX data aggregation.

2. RembrandtX

It is a data aggregation solution that can accumulate and integrate data from multiple sources. The list includes sensors, databases, scheduled job runs, batch-oriented mainframes, file storage, and even manual uploads. It uses data in real-time and provides dynamic analytics when paired with RembrandtAi.

Financial services: Banking services like online banking, loan and credit origination, and insurance offer multiple data points. RembrandtX connects and processes the data quickly as it becomes available.

Business services: RembrandtX can seamlessly combine employee data from accounting, HR, procurement, ERP components and production, and other data sources.

Government: RembrandtX data aggregation can visualize the government data across multiple points to suit public sector requirements. It also provides different accountability options for users, so they access only the data they’re supposed to.

3. US3

It is a database, application, and system support and monitoring solution that offers 24 x 7 support for all critical systems. It provides performance improvement, outstanding uptime, data security, and 24 x 7 issue resolution.

4. Informant

It is ToolCASE’s AI-based solution for the financial services industry. It offers a real-time risk management solution that monitors transactions across all channels for fraud, compliance, audit, lending, collections, marketing, and database intrusion. It also provides friendly and reliable 24 x 7 service and support to assist companies with operations, urgent situations, and monitoring.

Informant along with RembrandtAi offers your business a unique solution to fight fraud and scam threats effectively.

About ToolCASE

We are an IT services firm with 20 years of experience providing remote Oracle Database Administration, Linux/Unix System Admin, and System Storage Admin to clients throughout the United States. We offer AI-powered solutions for multiple industries like airlines, healthcare – anti fraud solutions, medical services, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, and shipping. You can fill our online contact form to know more.