Artificial Technology Solutions That Prevent Bank Fraud in the Financial Industries

Artificial Technology Solutions That Prevent Bank Fraud in the Financial Industries


Financial institutions have immense responsibilities for protecting their assets, classified-private information, and customers against fraud and other crimes. Bank fraud is one of the top 10 financial criminal acts in the United States, ranking as number six on the list of Fraud Categories by Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book, in 2019. The total monetary damages were approximately $735 million in fraudulent bank account debit, check, wire transfer, and credit card transactions. Banks need artificial intelligence technology (AI) solutions with real time fraud prevention features to manage compliance, governance, performance, risk, and internal/external activities.

ToolCASE develops artificial intelligence solutions that remotely support and implement administrations of Oracle, Linux/Unix, System Storage and deep learning data analysis to prevent fraudulent transactions in the retail banking industry. RembrandtAi, for an example, is a reliable and powerful solution with deep learning ai for fraud detection, supporting institutional clients in various industries. Bank Fraud Prevention products are rescuing banks from cyber-attacks and other criminal activities by using proficient risk management systems as anti-fraud empowerment tools.

Informant Risk Management is an excellent solution and effective tool for BSA/AML compliance that comprises support for all Oracle database, Unix/Linux operating systems, and data storage systems. It for the improvement and maintenance of banking operations and information technology systems; with features that monitor and resolve technical and anomalous transaction issues. You can deploy a variety of scenarios against fraud to ensure clients and customers receive instant protection in two optional modes, detection or detection/ prevention.

Benefits of Fraud Prevention Solutions

Quick Detection and Prevention

AI-based Bank Fraud Prevention solutions quickly detect and prevent processing of fraudulent banking transactions to protect assets of banks and customers in real time. We can customize your risk management system to identify fraud events with a centralized view of suspicious activities involving ACH, ATM, wire transfers, and point-of-sale. RembrandtAi helps financial institutions increase customer trust, reduce financial losses, and maintain an excellent reputation.

Team of Alert Investigators

When there is urgent fraudulent activity, alert investigators immediately take actions to stop and reduce suspicious activities and transactions. They start the investigation process to detect new fraud schemes and identify entry points initiated in Oracle, Linux/Unix, and storage administration systems. An investigator will use real time fraud prevention technology to perform due diligence of sophisticated fraud in most environments of banking institutions.

Fight Against Most Forms of Fraud

Banks and other financial institutions follow strict procedures and guidelines to detect fraud and schemes. Information technology applications are useful to record and monitor daily financial transactions in real time. What differentiates a secured administration system from other systems is a powerful risk management solution comprising machine-learning ai for fraud detection technology.

It is crucial for financial institutions to deploy and implement real time fraud prevention solutions to limit or halt financial fraud. Criminals are always on the lookout for alternative ways to defraud the banking system, but advanced AI solutions can stay well ahead of them. ToolCASE is the leading IT services provider to specialize in remote Oracle, Linux/Unix, and storage administration systems and Bank Fraud Prevention solutions. For nearly 29 years, the company continues to create risk management and advanced AI technology that meets and exceeds the needs of a variety of business sectors. You will receive superb services to monitor your system efficiently, prevent fraud, manage risks, and comply with BSA/AML standards.