Machine Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence Simplified

Machine Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence Simplified

Machine Learning (ML)

Machine learning is, in fact, a branch of Ai. ML is the study of computer algorithms allowing programs and apps to automatically improve their function through “experience.” ML works with small to large datasets to examine and compare the data.  Finding common patterns.  The more data inputs, the more “learning” learning occurs.

Examples of ML include:

Recommendation generating apps and service. Providing musical or video content preferences to ML systems helps the system “choose” similar content.  Examples include Netflix, Spotify and Pandora.

Artificial Intelligence (Ai)

Artificial intelligence is the science of making computers and apps behave in ways that humans do. Ai not only “learns” but has human-like predictive capabilities in real-time scenarios.  Ai seeks to adapt and improve its performance based on environmental inputs, not simply data inputs by humans.  Ai can perform tasks without having been programmed to do so.

Examples of Ai Include:

Artificial intelligence can “communicate” with humans on an interactive level, such as a chess match.  These systems are designed to be human-like, learn, mimic and predict our behavior. Examples of every-day Ai include Google Home, Siri and Alexa.

Ai and ML in Business

In the business and government world, Ai and ML are used for endeavors far more important than entertainment or curiosity.  These practices include bank and healthcare fraud prediction and prevention, operational efficiency and manual task reductions, human behavioral pattern and anomaly detection and prediction and overall business or operational streamlining.

The goal of Ai and Ml in the business and government world is to reduce costs, prevent fraud and accurately assess and forecast big-data sets and human behavior.

ToolCASE offers financial institutions, governments and the healthcare industry the world’s most advanced transactional Ai and deep machine-learning systems.

Machine Learning Vs. Artificial Intelligence Simplified
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Our simple to use and easily scalable real-time Ai tools can reduce operational costs, predict, detect and prevent fraud – both internal and external – and analyze and prioritize big-data in useful and actionable formats.  ToolCASE is Ai.

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