Top Healthcare Frauds In February and March 2021

Top Healthcare Frauds In February and March 2021

From February to mid-March, the FBI announced indictments or take-downs of nearly three dozen healthcare related frauds.  Both on the private insurance level, and the government program level. Here’s the story of just a few of them.

March 16: Chiropractor Arrested in Years-Long Healthcare Fraud Scam

Melissa Panayiota Kanes has been arrested and charged with healthcare fraud, money-laundering, and identity theft.

March 8: $114 Million Judgment in Medicare and Tricare Fraud

The Fourth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals affirmed the $114 million judgment against multiple fraudsters.

March 2: $32 Million Health Care Fraud Scheme

Multiple persons are in custody related to their alleged participation in a $32 million health care fraud scheme.

Feb 25:  $370k fraud by A Howard University Employee

Folashade Adufe Horne pleaded guilty to defrauding the D.C. Medicaid program out of more than $370,000.

Feb 24:  Multi-Million-Dollar Medicare Fraud

Stefanie Hirsch and Talia Alexandre pleaded guilty for their role a multi-million-dollar Medicare fraud scheme.

Feb 23:  State Affordable Care Act Scam

Jeffrey and Nicholas White were sentenced for defrauding Affordable Care Act programs in at least 12 states.

Feb 23:  Mullti-Million-Dollar Compounding Fraud Scheme by a Nurse

Jennifer Nash admitted to her involvement in a multi-million-dollar compounding fraud scheme.

Feb 5:  $14 Million in Healthcare and Kickback Scheme

Navid Vahedi, a pharmacist from CA, pleaded guilty to health care fraud and to a kickback scheme.

Feb 1:  Lawmaker Indicted in Stem Cell Fraud

Missouri state representative, Patricia Ashton Derges has been indicted for frauds involving false claims about stem cell treatments.

Top Healthcare Frauds In February and March 2021

Out of Control Fraud is Actually Preventable

Healthcare fraud committed on both private insurance and government run programs is out of control.  However, many if not all of these frauds were preventable.

By instituting the latest cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools from ToolCASE, many of these crimes could have been detected earlier, saving insurers and governments millions of dollars every month in fraud losses.

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Our enterprise and government-level advanced AI solutions are scalable, simple to use and designed specifically for the health insurance and government run healthcare industry.  We can detect and prevent frauds live, as they’re happening.

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