6 Insurance Fraud Statistics Your Institution Should Know About

6 Insurance Fraud Statistics Your Institution Should Know About

  • There is at least $80 billion per year of fraudulent claims in the US alone.
  • Property-casualty fraudsters scam over $30 billion each year from insurance companies.
  • Insurance companies pay out as much as 10% of their claims, annually, to fraudsters.
  • 10% of small-business-owners worry about employees faking work-related injuries.
  • Over $40 billion a year in fraudulent claims is paid for all non-health insurances.
  • 95% of insurance companies use anti-fraud technology.  Few use the technology that can detect and prevent these frauds before they occur.

In order to mitigate these fraud schemes, insurance companies should implement the latest cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools.  Fraud happens in real-time.  Fraud departments need real-time anti-fraud tools that can not only detect fraud as it’s happening, but can actually predict where and when new frauds may occur.

Source: https://fortunly.com/statistics/insurance-fraud-statistics#gref

6 Insurance Fraud Statistics Your Institution Should Know About

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