10 Business Functions Improved by Artificial Intelligence

10 Business Functions Improved by Artificial Intelligence

1) Sales:  Ai can give sales professionals tools that streamline the sales process. From improving forecasts and time management to compiling and predicting customer and market trends, Ai allows your sales team to better understand their prospect and to sell them more of what they need.

2) Marketing: Ai helps develop marketing strategies, segment customers by key data points, automates advertising bidding, deep targets prospects and more. Ai allows marketers to analyze data faster and more accurately than humans and gives insights on consumer habits and trends.

3) Human Resources: Ai is transforming most HR functions by increasing efficiencies, eliminating repetitive tasks, screening prospective employees, and offering data-based solutions for benefits programs. Ai is quickly becoming the go-to “head hunter” for talent.

4) Customer Experience: Ai can gather and interpret customer data allowing businesses to build proper loyalty programs, address specific customer needs, individualize customers by purchase history, hobbies and interests. The deep level of customer data Ai provides allows companies to give their customers a more personalized and branded experience.

5) Contact Centers: Contact centers collect tremendous amounts of data. Ai solution can take this data to help predict customer intent and streamline customer-to-business communication channels. Ai can predict customer concerns, giving businesses a heads up before any issues arise.

6) Manufacturing: Data analytics in the manufacturing and supply chain run by Ai allow businesses to detect inefficiencies, track product flow, anticipate demand and monitor machinery and productivity. Ai streamlines all aspects of the manufacturing sector allowing businesses to save time, money and stay ahead of market trends.

7) Research and Development: Ai can decipher the data accumulated by any industry. It allows businesses to determine market and product trends, research complex data issues that lead to product breakthroughs and can develop solutions to almost any problem. Deep learning capabilities of Ai allow R&D teams to discover solutions quickly.

8) Building Maintenance: Ai helps building managers optimize energy use, monitor heating/cooling and computer systems, monitor occupants, detect anomalies in fire and security systems and keep track of maintenance schedules. Ai is a cost cutting and preventative maintenance tool used by managers and builders to reduce costs and increase profits.

9) IT Operations: Artificial intelligence operations, or AiOps, is one of the most popular uses of Ai. Ai is used in data sciences and IT for system log file error analysis, automation of routine processes, pre-emptive identification of technical issues and it helps improve overall efficiency and profitability of the business. Ai improves system and employee performance.

10) Accounting and Finance:  Ai systems in the financial industry are allowing organizations to detect external and internal frauds, reduce front office costs and  streamline operations. Ai allows for real-time data analytics that allow FI’s to make more accurate decisions on credit, loans and other financial products.

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