It’s Budget Season. Here’s The Bank-Fraud Facts And Solutions You Need to Know Before Wasting Money

It’s Budget Season. Here’s The Bank-Fraud Facts And Solutions You Need to Know Before Wasting Money

The time to prepare your upcoming budgets has come. Your institution must properly, and cost effectively, choose anti-fraud tools that will offer you and your institution the best possible protections while offering you the highest ROI.

Here’s 8 facts you should know before choosing your fraud prevention solution. Beware, some solutions will be a waste of money.

37%: According to the “Total Economic Impact” study, 37% of decision makers at financial institutions and insurance companies rank fraud detection as a top priority.

$21.3 million: The realized benefits one bank experienced over a 3-year period when using and effective anti-fraud solution.

90%: The percentage of malware-based attacks one institution averted over a 3-year period. Preventing up to $7.5 million in fraud losses.

10%: The percentage of companies reporting customer churn after a data security breach.

159%: The percentage increase in New Account Fraud (NAF) experienced in just 1 year in the UK alone.

50%: Half of affected institutions recover less than a quarter of stolen funds.

156%: The ROI experienced by one bank, over a 3-year period using a proper anti-fraud solution.

The Majority:  A large portion of financial institutions and insurance companies will be wasting money on lesser-tiered and outdated solutions as the price of anti-fraud tools rises this year.

Prevent Your ROI from Dropping

A 156% ROI is a good number to aim for. But with budget season here, it’s important to note that many fraud detection and prevention solutions and services will be going up in price. In some cases, drastically.  You may have already gotten that devastating call.

And it means you’re wasting money on overpriced, inferior solutions that are going to crush your ROI.

  1. Inferior solutions, charging an increased price, means even LOWER ROI.
  2. ToolCASE, the industry’s superior real-time, AI driven fraud detection and prevention solution is NOT raising prices. This means HIGHER ROI.

With ToolCASE, your ROI Will Be Higher Perhaps Even Greater Than 156%

ToolCASE, the retail banking and insurance industries preferred choice for real-time risk management and financial fraud detection and prevention has committed to keeping your ROI intact this year. We will not raise prices.

We’re offering you our premier suite of anti-fraud tools with an expected ROI that beats all industry standards.

Don’t waste your money on inferior solutions whose prices are increasing. Choose ToolCASE. The industry’s most cost-effective, responsive and advanced fraud detection and prevention solutions.

Visit us at ToolCASE.com to learn more





It’s Budget Season. Here’s The Bank-Fraud Facts And Solutions You Need to Know Before Wasting Money
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