14 Industries That Artificial Intelligence Will Completely Transform

14 Industries That Artificial Intelligence Will Completely Transform

1) Cybersecurity: Cyber-attacks cost global industry over $1 Trillion in losses in 2020. AI will help prevent these attacks and empower organizations to analyze and improve their security greatly.

2) Manufacturing: Artificial intelligence will help streamline processes, reduce machine down time, reduce human tasks and project future supply and demand metrics.

3) Healthcare: AI can help pinpoint disease, analyze mass data points to predict outbreaks and even reduce costs associated with fraudulent transactions on both the provider and user side.

4) DevOps and Cloud Computing: Artificial intelligence algorithms will write code, apply predictive instance autoscaling, eliminate inefficient pathways and predict and manage user demand.

5) Retail: Global spending on AI in the sector will reach $7.3 billion annually by next year. The use of VR and AR in advertising, boosted by AI, will engage consumers and boost retail sales immensely.

6) Construction: AI will streamline the construction process, augment design and engineering, pinpoint supply needs and reduce in human error. AI will make construction faster and more profitable.

7) Supply Chain Management: The incredible ability for AI to analyze billions of datapoints will allow supply chain managers to properly monitor and predict specific product or service needs and predict trends.

8) City Planning: Artificial Intelligence can boost infrastructure planning, help better design urban areas for the flow of people and predict growth areas, utility use, public safety and more.

9) Education: By pinpointing demographical needs and trends, AI will help students achieve better grades. Individualized AI assistance will lead to greater job opportunities and income for every student.

10) Business Intel: The data collected by the business intelligence community will be more quickly and efficiently analyzed by AI. Millions of datasets can be accurately analyzed in seconds with AI.

11) Fashion: Artificial intelligence will predict fashion trends, allowing designers to purchase fabrics and create garments that are highly likely to sell.

12) Senior Care: AI will allow seniors to live a more independent life. AI tools will monitor health and wellness, alert seniors to the need for medication, doctor visits and monitor health anomalies in real-time.

13) Mental Health: Artificial intelligence can identify patterns in people at high risk of mental health issues. It will be able to recommend therapies based on behavioral anomalies, mitigating risks to patients.

14) Banking and Finance: AI will save financial institutions over $1 Trillion by 2030. It will save $490 billion in front-office, $350 billion in mid-office and $200 billion in back-office costs. In addition, hundreds of billions will be saved by AI powered fraud detection and prevention.

14 Industries That Artificial Intelligence Will Completely Transform

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