Remote Workers Are Ignoring Cybersecurity Protocols

Remote Workers Are Ignoring Cybersecurity Protocols

IT departments, globally, are under red alert. With more workers performing their jobs via telecommuting, concerns over cybersecurity are skyrocketing. Remote workers seem to be either ignoring or forgetting corporate mandated security protocols. As a result, industries are experiencing a massive sixfold increase in cyberattacks.

A report by Digital Workplace Insights revealed that just a third of business leaders believe their remote workforce is adhering to established cybersecurity protocols. However, these leaders may be overestimating just how well their workforce is complying with their security obligations.

Only half of workers polled say they practice the suggested and mandated security protocols while working remotely. This means that at least half of the global telecommute workforce is putting companies at risk of cyberattacks.

And now, global industry is paying a heavy price.

In 2020, as workers began telecommuting, cybercrime losses topped $1 trillion. However, even as many companies now require in-office work, we’re expecting to see over $6 trillion in global losses this year.

An alarming fact, indeed. However, much of these losses can be prevented, even for companies who choose to have a fully remote workforce or streamlined IT department.

While business leaders cite a “visibility” issue in monitoring the security practices of their workforce, new technology is giving them, and their security teams, pinpoint, 20/20 vision on cybercrime, and is doing so in real time.

Artificial intelligence driven cybersecurity tools, like those of Denver-based, ToolCASE, are identifying anomalous cyberattack activity among billions of datapoints. This real-time Ai can allow global business to operate IT and cybersecurity fully remote and is scalable to any company size, or data load.

The technology, powered by RembrandtAi, now gives business leaders the most sophisticated (yet simple to implement and use) tool to detect and prevent cybercrimes. Because of the 24/7 real-time “visibility” afforded by ToolCASE, global industry could actually see a reduction in global cybercrime losses.

And companies of all sizes can rest assured knowing their remote workforce is operating securely, regardless of how well they adhere to cybersecurity protocols.

Corporations have a moral and financial obligation to prevent attacks on their, and their customer’s data. ToolCASE is the next generation solution that fulfills these obligations.

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