Why AI is Better at Fraud Detection than Even the Smartest Humans

Businesses are continuously innovating through the use of modern technology, with one of the most advanced being Artificial Intelligence (Ai). Ai offers increased convenience for many businesses and organizations, handling CRM chatbots, automated organization tools, data accumulation and analysis, front and backend efficiencies and more. However, one of the most useful and high ROI ways to take advantage of Ai technology is by using it for the detection and prevention of digital fraud.

Cybercrime is an ongoing threat to all consumers, banking institutions and businesses. Hackers and cybercriminals take advantage of online networks and the dark web to tap into consumer data, compromising their information and financial resources in the process. With this ever-growing and continuous threat looming over consumers, banks, and businesses, it’s time to take cybersecurity to the next level with real-time fraud detection…

Something even the smartest human can’t compete with.

Potential Threats on the Internet

With most businesses transitioning to digital platforms to expand their reach and convenience, it’s vital that they know what kind of fraud threats they need to protect their brand and customers from. Some of the most common cases of fraud on the internet include:

  • Phishing: Hackers obtain user data and billing information by sending emails planted with malicious software or websites. They then sell this information or ransom it back to the victim for a profit.
  • Malware: User data and devices are compromised as hackers deploy harmful software that prevents a user’s device from working properly. This software steals victims’ information and sends it to the hacker who exploits it.
  • Data Breach: Cybercriminals directly hack into an organization, business, or an individual’s personal network to steal their information to exploit it for financial gain.

To protect yourself and your business from these threats, and hundreds of others, it’s vital to rely on artificial intelligence tools that operate faster than hackers do – RembrandtAi – ToolCASE’s real-time Ai fraud detection and prevention solution.

Even the smartest fraud teams cannot match the speed, precision, and efficiency of artificial intelligence-based fraud solutions. The reason is simple. ToolCASE Ai solutions can accumulate more data, analyze it faster, predict what will happen next…

And alert fraud teams of even the tiniest of anomalies they could never see…and can do it all in real-time.

No matter how many data or data sources are involved, artificial intelligence can compute, determine and act faster than any person, or any team of people for that matter.

Now, RembrandtAi is not designed to replace human fraud teams, its designed to give them the most advanced fraud detection and prevention capabilities imaginable.

What it takes a fraud team to accomplish in a week, artificial intelligence could potentially do in just moments.

RembrandtAi is an enterprise level solution developed by ToolCASE. It provides institutions with real-time fraud detection, prevention and even prediction. It’s custom designed for continuous innovation and advancement, offering insights, visualization, and deep analytics to help transactional businesses and financial institutions monitor the state of data flows, detect incursions, and prevent fraud.

RembrandtAi allows fraud teams to achieve greater, more accurate results… in real-time.

Real-time Fraud Detection

In many cases, human fraud teams are unable to identify threats and theft until they’ve already become an issue. And it’s not really their fault. There’s simply too much data to analyze.

Because of this, many businesses and consumers only find out that their data have been compromised, or funds stolen, long after the perpetrator has gotten away.

Unlike legacy solutions, RembrandtAi operates in real-time, 24/7. Because of this, the system could identify a potential threat as its happening, not after the fact when it’s too late.

Real-time operations mean real-time detection and prevention.

Undetected fraudulent activity can ruin a consumer’s trust in your platform, institution or products. If a bad actor infiltrates your system due to a lack of Ai protections, it may take some time for human personnel to identify the issue.

And by the time they do, it could be too late.

Don’t wait for it to happen to your institution. Instead Incorporate RembrandtAi.

For a full demonstration of RembrandtAi’s capabilities, go HERE or call 1-888-TOOLCASE