2022’s Largest Financial Data Breaches

2022’s Largest Financial Data Breaches

Ranked By The Estimated Number of Customers Affected

2022 was a banner year for financial criminals. An estimated 254 million consumer records were leaked in data breaches, affecting more than 9.4 million Americans alone. After government institutions, U.S. banks and credit unions were the most targeted.

However, unless banks and credit unions properly protect themselves from the technological advancements of today’s digital criminals, 2023 could be far worse.

Here Are 10 of The Largest Financial Data Breaches of 2022

10 – Revolut: 50,000 customers, globally

9 – LendingTree: 70,000 customers

8 – Cash Express: 100,000 consumers

7 – First Financial Credit Union: 220,000 consumers

6 – Boeing Employees’ Credit Union: 340,000 consumers

5 – Flagstar Bank: 1.5 million customers

4 – Lakeview Loan Servicing: 2.5 million customers

3- Elephant Insurance Services: 2.7 million consumers

2 – Receivables Performance Management: 3.7 million customers

1 – TransUnion South Africa: 5 million consumers globally

With the ever-rising exposure to fraud that today’s consumers are threatened with, the vigilance of financial institutions has become paramount. Customers demand their data and accounts are fully protected, and institutions demand a better solution.

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