The Seven Industries Most Vulnerable to Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in 2023

The Seven Industries Most Vulnerable
to Data Breaches and Cyber Attacks in 2023

2022 was among the most fraud riddled years in history. According to IBM, the global loss-per-single data breach reached a record-breaking average of $4.35 million. Every sector of the economy was affected and not a single industry was immune.

With 2023 now well underway, there are seven industries seriously vulnerable to cyber attacks and data breaches.  And without proper protections in place, the $4.35 million per-breach experienced in 2022 may soon exceed $5 million.

7: Manufacturing – Among the least protected industries, manufacturers are vulnerable to IP theft, production sabotage and ransomware attacks.

6: Government – with the vast amounts of data the government procures, stores, and transfers, the government has been, and will continue to be a large target.

5: Energy and Utilities – Like manufacturing, this industry is woefully unprotected. Ransomware attacks, sabotage, PII and IP theft are all a major concern in 2023.

4: Education – Educational institutions hold large amounts of sensitive data like PII, student loan information, faculty records and research data.

3: Retail – Retailers hold massive quantities of customer data and are highly vulnerable to credit card and debit card fraud, especially online retailers.

2: Financial Services – Fraudsters target banks and credit unions because that’s where the money is. For every $1 in fraud, FIs incur over $4 in costs, and rising.

1: Healthcare – Patient data has become incredibly valuable to criminals. These data are used to commit identity theft or are sold on the dark web for big money.

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