How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Advertising and Marketing

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Advertising and Marketing

If your agency still relies on Google Analytics to analyze data, determine trends and find the best marketing channels for your or your customers products… you may soon go the way of the dinosaur.

New artificial intelligence systems are transforming the way agencies operate. From how ads are written, and imagery selected, to the discovery of hidden data, forecasting and behavior, AI is changing the digital marketing landscape. And changing it fast.

Custom built AI marketing analytics and data systems are supplying far more granular information and analyzing it with such pinpoint detail, increased ROI and ROAS is almost guaranteed. Its why some savvy agencies are already transitioning away from GA and into AI.

Here are two of the many reasons your agency should transition too, or risk getting left behind.

  1. AI can pre-optimize digital campaigns. Yes, pre-optimize. Even before a campaign launches, AI can analyze the patterns of website visitors and social media followers. The data supplied by AI can help marketers determine which kind of copy, which kind of imagery and which ad placements and channels will likely yield the best results, even before a penny is spent on live ads.
  2. Cookies will soon be a thing of the past. Without cookies, almost all legacy analytics systems will soon have little or no way to track users across the web. However, AI can connect the missing dots, recognize patterns and discover hidden audience trends, allowing you to place the right ad, in front of the right person, at the right time.

Custom AI can “stretch” first party data by building lookalike audiences and can make second- and third-party data as efficient and cost effective as it once was.

Remember, just last year companies like Facebook, for example, were collecting massive amounts of data from Apple mobile devices. These data gave marketers highly detailed information on which advertising decisions could easily be made. But thanks to Apple’s recent user-privacy changes, that’s a thing of the past.

But AI can, with remarkable accuracy, model and “recreate” user and cookie data, perhaps with even more granular detail than in the past. Third party cookies, by the way, will be extinct by 2023. So, there’s just about a year left for your agency to transition.

Now, marketing teams may be worried about their jobs. But they need not be. You see, AI will not replace humans. It will only prove to be another tool in the arsenal, making teams better, more efficient and responsive profit centers. As we all know, an efficiently run profit center makes the team managing it, far more valuable.

By understanding what the data really mean, marketers will have a much sharper toolkit, with better predictability. With AI, you could know beforehand if your campaigns are going to be winners or losers… and you’ll have all the data you need to assure it.

Now, to increase your odds of success, ToolCASE, a custom AI developer out of Denver, is now developing AI for marketing and advertising organizations. The company has traditionally ONLY created custom AI and analytics systems for transactional institutions, like banks and credit card companies. So their case studies in transactional activity, and the data behind it, may be unparalleled.

Unlike Google Analytics, ToolCASE’s RembrandtAI operates and reports data live, not on delay, and gives marketing teams enough real-time granular data to make the best decisions possible.

If you’re not using AI marketing analytics and data systems yet, you should be…

Learn more about ToolCASE’s customized AI systemd for marketing and advertising, HERE

Or, read more about AI in advertising, HERE

Source: https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2022/01/26/why-ai-critical-marketing-success

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