ToolCASE Officially Launches New Podcast “FraudCAST”: Exploring Insights and Innovations on Fraud Detection, Cybercrime and Bigdata Protections

ToolCASE Officially Launches New Podcast “FraudCAST”: Exploring Insights and Innovations on Fraud Detection, Cybercrime and Bigdata Protections

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (February 10, 2022): ToolCASE, a Denver-based artificial intelligence developer and a leader in real-time fraud detection and prevention for financial and transactional institutions, proudly announces the launch of “FraudCAST.” The show delves into the realm of online fraud as well as the detection tools used to prevent it, such as Ai and real-time analytics.

Having supported banks and credit unions across the country with its fraud detection arsenal for more than two decades, ToolCASE is a prominent provider of real-time analytics and artificial intelligence. With this podcast, the company aims to help listeners strengthen their fraud and risk management techniques by sharing inside knowledge and ideas.

“We are excited to share information and insights that might help listeners improve their fraud and risk strategies,” said ToolCase VP for Business Development, Sam Piccolotti. “We wanted to deliver insider testimonies to listeners and provide them real examples of strategies that work.”

As digital banking grows, so does the risk of fraud losses for financial organizations. ToolCASE has launched FraudCAST to educate listeners about the latest developments in cybercrime and fraud, as well as the different technologies and techniques needed to combat them.

“Fraud isn’t going anywhere. As we move into a more digitized world, fraud costs and cyberattacks will only grow. An let’s not forget that many personalized data are traded on the dark web and deep web environments. But there is a technology that can make an impact”, Piccolotti adds.

During FraudCAST’s first episode entitled “The Original Internet Godfather,” Piccolotti sits down with Brett Johnson, one of the world’s foremost authorities on cybercrime and identity theft, and former FBI most-wanted cybercriminal.

The episode dives into Johnson’s history as a central figure in the cybercrime world for over 20 years and shares his insights and techniques on fraud. For many years, he was instrumental in the emergence of online fraud and helped design, implement, and fine-tune today’s sophisticated cybercrime tools. After his capture, the Secret Service enlisted Johnson to serve as an informant and consultant. Today, Johnson is a public speaker and cybersecurity consultant.

In the exclusive interview, Johnson shares: “There’s so much going on, the world has gone almost completely digital in a very short period of time. What we just went through in 2020 pushed the limits of financial institutions. Especially to build up their digital security enterprises, and the fraudsters took full advantage of that setting.”

FraudCAST’s subsequent episodes focus on discussing ToolCASE’s real-time fraud detection technology, as well as cybercrime issues plaguing today’s digitally connected world. The guests on each episode will relate their own experiences with online fraud as well as cutting-edge methods for preventing it.

To listen to the podcast, visit:

ToolCASE: https://news.toolcase.com/#Fraudcast

Spotify: https://spoti.fi/3B17TfO

Apple: https://apple.co/3ovy35i

YouTube: https://bit.ly/3gzjPM8

About ToolCASE
Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, ToolCASE provides clients throughout the U.S. with a comprehensive suite of Ai based solutions and services. The company’s flagship RembrandAi delivers best-in-class analytics, visualization, and insight to help detect and prevent digital fraud, as well as solve complex enterprise challenges. ToolCASE solutions support a variety of industries, including financial services, business services, airlines, oil and gas, retail and online stores, health and medical, government, manufacturing, and transportation.

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