Thousands of Individuals Impacted by Healthcare Data Breach

Thousands of Individuals Impacted by Healthcare Data Breach

Thousands of individuals, small and large healthcare providers and a medical billing administrator are under threat after a massive data breach occurred at Signature Healthcare Corporation (SHC) in Brockton Mass.

The breach may have resulted in the personal information (PII) of thousands of individuals ending up on the dark web.

In November, SHC discovered an unauthorized person or persons had breached the email accounts of clinician employees and was obtaining data since October 16th.

SHC says the breach (thus far) has shown no evidence of identity theft or fraud, and there’s been no evidence the actual patient information was accessed.

However, the breached data included patient names, birth dates, gender, medical histories, diagnoses, test results and medical records numbers…

And SHC likely has no idea if any of these data have been sold on the criminal dark web or are currently being used in fraudulent activities.

In a notice to patients, Signature Healthcare Corp said, “SHC has committed to taking steps to help prevent something like this from happening again, including reviewing its technical controls and procedures.”

It is hoped those solutions SHC promises include new, cutting-edge artificial intelligence tools designed to boost cyber security and detect criminal invasions of databases.

These tools, custom developed by ToolCASE, could have potentially detected the data breach the moment it occurred, not a month too late, as was the case with SHC.

The goal of ToolCASE Ai is to not only prevent data breaches, but to keep PII off the dark web, protecting providers, insurers and the insured from identity theft and fraud.

See how ToolCASE Ai could have helped prevent the breach at Signature Healthcare Corporation, HERE

Or read more about the SHC data breach, HERE

Source: https://healthitsecurity.com/news/latest-healthcare-data-breaches-impact-providers-business-associates

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